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Speaking Opportunities

Jeff as an ordained pastor, leader and teacher and Cindi as a communications major, speaker, and teacher bring decades of experience and energy to every opportunity to speak, preach, teach, and inspire audiences of various sizes and on a variety of topics.

Contact them to discuss your specific needs.

$300 and up + travel


Highly adaptive to the audience and occasion, Jeff delivers messages with an engaging energy, depth and humor (if desired) that strengthens the soul. Cindi teaches with wisdom, insight, and vulnerability. 


With decades of wisdom and experience, Jeff & Cindi speak individually or as a couple, adept in areas of faith, leadership, relationships, discipleship, marriage, parenting, home-schooling, and more, and they always share authentically.


Jeff & Cindi know full well the profound influence of leaving routine and going away to let God stir. Immensely experienced in all sizes and durations, from private retreat to church camp, they may lead solo or together but always with the Lord.

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