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inter = between, among (interactive)

spur = to encourage (someone)

Interspur = to interact by encouraging each other, to spur one another on

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.

– Hebrews 10:24

Jeff Garrett

Jeff graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in English. He served as a full-time youth pastor in the Dallas area for three years then attended Asbury Theological Seminary earning a Master of Divinity degree with a dual emphasis in Biblical Studies and Spiritual Formation. While at U.T., He met his wife Cindi, and they’ve enjoyed serving in full-time ministry together for over 30 years while raising their four children. They still love doing life together after 35+ years of marriage - hiking, cooking, playing games, traveling, adventuring, and of course grand-parenting. Jeff served churches across North Texas as an ordained elder in the Methodist Church for three decades before transitioning into executive, faith and life coaching. He enjoys coaching; speaking, for businesses. churches, and retreats; and officiating weddings and funerals. With his adaptive and innovative thinking, he enjoys improving systems, ideas, relationships, and more. He loves the Lord, and he loves people! Seeing people thrive - in their faith, relationships, and businesses - energizes him! Being especially creative and detailed oriented, he performs extraordinary weddings and funerals, spending time with couples and families creating unique personalized services.

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Cindi Garrett

Cindi graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in business communications. She married Jeff two years later and partnered with him in ministry for over 30 years while homeschooling their four children, who all, first and foremost along with their spouses, love the Lord deeply, something she and Jeff thank God for constantly! Additionally, they all graduated from college and now all thrive in their respective fields: engineering, nursing, graphic design, and logistics. Her passion for teaching and for writing grew as she taught at homeschool co-ops for over two decades. Now, Cindi’s discovered a love for online teaching. She loves Zoom! The breakout rooms, whiteboards, annotating function, screen sharing and collaborating all create an interactive, effective online classroom experience. Going online allows her to teach students who live anywhere, broadening her sphere, and creating more flexibility since her children live in four different time zones. She brings energy, insight, wisdom, and passion to her teaching! As her teaching format changes, her passion remains the same – to encourage, challenge and equip homeschool students with strong confidence in their academic writing and critical thinking skills, which will last a lifetime! In her free time, she enjoys worship and time with the Lord, walking, hiking, kayaking, cooking, playing board games, and of course, reading and writing!

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